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Days Since Post ⇕ Position ⇕ Company ⇕ Pay ⇕ Education ⇕ Link ⇕
2 Accounting Position at Camp and Park Accounting Camp and Park Accounting See Job Link See Job Link Apply Here
2 Content Marketing Specialist at Qwinix Qwinix See Job Link Bachelor's Degree Apply Here
2 Assistant/Associate at SaaS Academy SaaS Academy See Job Link See Job Link Apply Here
3 Operations and Human Resources Administrative Assistant at Grant Street Group Grant Street Group See Job Link See Job Link Apply Here
3 Online Tax Accounting Tutor at Upswing Upswing See Job Link See Job Link Apply Here
4 US Rater at Telus International AI, Inc. Telus International AI, Inc. See Job Link High School Apply Here
4 Medical Coder – Coding Specialist at Vesta Healthcare Vesta Healthcare See Job Link See Job Link Apply Here
5 Writing Tutor at Pearson Pearson See Job Link PhD Apply Here
5 Social Media Specialist at BrandYourself BrandYourself See Job Link See Job Link Apply Here
5 Accounts Payable Coordinator at Ferguson Enterprises Ferguson Enterprises See Job Link See Job Link Apply Here
5 Office Assistant at OHSU - Oregon Health & Science University OHSU - Oregon Health & Science University See Job Link High School Apply Here
6 Order Entry Representative at ABB OPTICAL GROUP ABB OPTICAL GROUP See Job Link Bachelor's Degree Apply Here
6 Coder – Inpatient at Allegheny Health Network Allegheny Health Network See Job Link Associate's Degree Apply Here
7 Inpatient Coding Specialist at Netsmart Netsmart See Job Link Bachelor's Degree Apply Here
7 Accounts Payable Specialist at VetCor VetCor See Job Link See Job Link Apply Here
7 Recruiting Coordinator at Sony Sony See Job Link Bachelor's Degree Apply Here
7 Editor – Literature Study Guides at SuperSummary SuperSummary See Job Link See Job Link Apply Here
7 Executive Assistant at Mux Mux See Job Link See Job Link Apply Here
10 Inpatient Coding Integrity Specialist III at OU Medicine OU Medicine See Job Link Bachelor's Degree Apply Here
10 Medical Instructor at Kaplan Kaplan See Job Link PhD Apply Here
10 Organic Social Media Specialist at Inbound Back Office Inbound Back Office See Job Link See Job Link Apply Here
11 Math and Statistics Online Tutor at See Job Link High School Apply Here
11 Risk Adjustment Medical Coder at Change Healthcare Change Healthcare See Job Link See Job Link Apply Here
11 K-12 Spanish Instructor at Laurel Springs School Laurel Springs School See Job Link Master's Degree Apply Here
12 Transcriptionist at 3Play Media 3Play Media See Job Link See Job Link Apply Here
12 Freelance Editors – Medicine, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Engineering at Cactus Communications Services Pte Ltd Cactus Communications Services Pte Ltd See Job Link PhD Apply Here
12 Faculty, Master of Public Health at Chamberlain University Chamberlain University See Job Link PhD Apply Here
16 Curriculum and Instruction Online Assessment Specialist at Generation: You Employed Generation: You Employed See Job Link See Job Link Apply Here
16 Editor-Proofreader at Academic Partnerships Academic Partnerships See Job Link Bachelor's Degree Apply Here
16 Montessori Lead Toddler or Children’s House Guides at Guidepost Montessori Guidepost Montessori See Job Link See Job Link Apply Here
16 Editorial Assistant at International Business Times International Business Times See Job Link See Job Link Apply Here
16 Executive Assistant, Revenue at LaunchDarkly LaunchDarkly See Job Link See Job Link Apply Here
17 Accounting Clerk at Cheryl Jefferson & Associates Cheryl Jefferson & Associates See Job Link High School Apply Here
17 English Tutor at Wordvice Wordvice See Job Link Bachelor's Degree Apply Here
18 Transcriptionist at Literably Literably See Job Link See Job Link Apply Here
19 Online English Teacher at Magic Ears Magic Ears See Job Link Bachelor's Degree Apply Here
20 Administrative Officer 2 at University of California, San Francisco - UCSF University of California, San Francisco - UCSF See Job Link See Job Link Apply Here
20 Social and Audience Development Strategist at BuzzFeed BuzzFeed See Job Link See Job Link Apply Here
24 Executive Assistant at Double Double See Job Link See Job Link Apply Here
24 Excel Medical Transcriptionists – Market Research Topics at SyncScript SyncScript See Job Link See Job Link Apply Here
24 Bookkeeper at Hawkins, Kominsky, DeVries & Associates Hawkins, Kominsky, DeVries & Associates See Job Link See Job Link Apply Here
26 College Math – Statistics Instructor at Achieve Test Prep Achieve Test Prep See Job Link Bachelor's Degree Apply Here
26 Teach English Online at VIPKID VIPKID See Job Link Bachelor's Degree Apply Here
27 Social Media Evaluator at TELUS TELUS See Job Link See Job Link Apply Here
27 Copyeditor at Cactus Communications Cactus Communications See Job Link Bachelor's Degree Apply Here
27 Content Editor at ANGI Homeservices ANGI Homeservices See Job Link See Job Link Apply Here
30 Instructor at MasteryPrep MasteryPrep See Job Link Bachelor's Degree Apply Here
30 People Operations Specialist at Tutuka Tutuka See Job Link See Job Link Apply Here
30 Online Summer Camp Leader at Varsity Tutors Varsity Tutors See Job Link See Job Link Apply Here
30 Administrative Business Partner at Cribl Cribl See Job Link See Job Link Apply Here




Tips To Identify Legitimate Jobs Versus Scams

Written by Sarah Lamb

At Work From Home Mothers we not only want to encourage you and help you find a job that you can do at home, but we also want to protect you from the endless scams that exist preying on those who want to work from home.

With more and more companies having opportunities for employees to work remotely, it’s a little tricky sometimes to be sure if a job advertisement you found is 100% legit or not. Don’t worry, we’ve got some easy ways to tell if you should email or call to find out more or keep scrolling. To make it even easier (because who has time to waste?) we’ve broken this up into three sections.

Legitimate Jobs

A legitimate work from home job is always going to be upfront on what your job will be, the hours you will work, what you will be paid and most importantly, who to contact and where. A prospective employer isn't going to contact you out of the blue with an amazing work from home offer that’s only available if you reply right away. A legitimate company wants the best person for the job and is going to have a clear picture of who that is and knows that it takes time to find and interview them. They are going to want to meet in person or over a video call like Zoom to get a feel for you. You will also be asked for a resume and references to make sure you are a good fit for their company. Be prepared for questions such as, why would you be a good fit for our company? Or, why do you want this job?

Look for a company that:

• Doesn’t hide behind vague job descriptions. You want someone who is upfront with the job description, hours, salary and answers all questions you have.

• Is easily researchable on Google so you can make sure they do what they say they do , have a good reputation, treat their employees well and that the person you spoke with is an actual employee there.

• Might have reviews from other employees or former employees on a site like Glassdoor. While some smaller or new companies might not have those, it’s still a helpful place to look for additional information.

Might be legit...but do a little research

Sometimes you stumble upon an advertisement on social media. Those are scams, right? Not necessarily. While many are possible scams and just as many are for multi level marketing jobs such as selling kitchen or health products, often you can find that it’s an honest offer by doing just a little legwork to research the company and person offering the job. With any company you’ll want to research and make sure they are an actual business. Ever gotten a phishing email that looked so good you weren't sure if it was really from that company or not? It’s scary how clever some of those emails are. Scam artists are very good at stealing a company’s logo and trying to trick you into disclosing your personal information for them to use or sell.  It’s very important to try and meet your prospective employer in person if at all possible or through a video call. This gives you a feel for the company and the employees. Watch out if they aren’t interested in a face to face or video interview or aren’t asking you questions about the number of hours you want to work, the type of position you are applying for and any previous experience in that sort of position. If those things are happening or they want to hire you on the spot without any questions asked, chances are this isn’t an actual job. 


• Google the company and make sure it exists and the person contacting you exists.

• Learn if the company is a multi level marketing job. If that’s what you want to try, read all of the fine print. Check out the company’s reputation.

• Try and do a face to face or video interview. This gives you a feel for the person and the company.

• Did they try to hire you on the spot? No interview? No questions? Walk away.

Avoid Red Flags

Run! Those red flags waving aren’t just for decoration!

There are some very common things that scammers like to do to lure you into “working” for them. Sometimes there’s an application or placement fee. Maybe they request you pay for training or a special software you need to work from home. On the opposite side, be wary if you are given money before you’ve agreed to work for the company and have actually completed work. Other things to be concerned about are if an interview is held only by chat or email. If you can only get hold of someone to speak with when they call you, not when you call them that’s another warning sign. If a job sounds too easy and promises big bucks, has no job qualifications or the email address doesn’t look quite right, it’s probably not a legitimate job. Keep an eye out for simple mistakes as well in grammar or incomplete sentences. It could be a computer generated job and not a legitimate one. If there are multiple mistakes in the job listing, there could be multiple problems with accepting the job.

If you were contacted out of the blue by someone who said they saw your resume (which you never posted) beware! “Recruiters” often gather pieces of your personal data from online and use that to trick you into giving them more personal information in hopes of getting that once in a lifetime job that pays well and has very little work. Sometimes they even pretend to be from a well known company looking for someone like you, using flattery to make you lower your guard. Often they employ a sense of urgency that is used to try and force you into quick decisions, ones that you might not usually make when you stopped to examine all of the facts of the job offered.

Look elsewhere if: 

• Someone is asking you to pay for your training, application fees or other expenses before you can start, especially if you are asked to pay by money transfer or gift cards. 

•  You are offered or given money before you have performed work for the company.

• Promises of high pay for very little work. For example, $1500 a week starting pay just for a few hours of easy work.

• An interview that was only by chat or email

• An email address that you can’t search to make sure it’s genuine. For example, instead of 

• A website you are directed to that might not be the company’s actual website. For example, not Sometimes a fake company uses an actual business name with just one minor change that’s easy to miss. 

• They want all of your personal information through email. Name, date of birth, social security number and more. A real employer will only ask for that information when you are filling out your new employee information on your W4 form for taxes. They won’t ask for it over the phone or in an email or chat. 

• You receive or are requested to make phone calls at unusual hours. While you might be working in a different time zone than your employer, any phone calls before 7am or after 9pm might indicate that you are not able to have a compatible work schedule. Even with an employer that has a 24/7 company, they should contact you during usual business hours. 

• Poor grammar, obvious typos or incomplete sentences - anything that could mean this was a computer generated job, not a real one.

• If you are contacted by someone who says they saw your resume online (which you never posted) or says they work for a larger company looking for someone just like you.

• If you are feeling forced to make a quick decision on accepting the job without having the time you need to research the company. 

    Above all else, trust your instincts. If something doesn’t feel right, ask questions. If it still doesn’t feel right walk away. There will ALWAYS be another job out there for you, but it can be difficult to get out of a mess if someone steals your identity or bank balance because you fell victim to a scam.



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10 Toddler activity items that are worth buying

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Indoor Trampoline

This has been my personal favorite buy. If you have an energetic kid, this is perfect to help him/her burn off some energy indoors. My kid absolutely loves jumping on it. It's also been a hit amongst her little friends who come visit as well 😊 .


If you don't have any latex allergy in your family, these balloons never fail to entertain. We do so much with them. My daughter loves to have a bunch of them in her trampoline when she jumps. We draw and practice writing our letters on them. We play catch and "don't let the balloon hit the floor" game. They have a lot of potential.

Chalk Markers

These markers work great on mirrors and windows and they wash off easily. They were particularly helpful when I washed my daughter's hair when she was littler as she hated having water on her hair. Since I gave her a bath over the sink, she was able to turn towards the mirror and scribble on!


I don't know what's the deal with stickers, but my kid looooooves them. These bulk stickers will last you a long time. Please make sure your kid is old enough to not try to eat it!


Playdoh never gets old! This particular box has different tools to play with. My daughter loves making little shapes and stacking them like little pancakes.


This little slide from heaven has been so amazing! We got ours used and it's still standing strong. It can be used indoors or outdoors. We've kept ours indoors for the most part. It has kept our little girl occupied for long periods of time. She also likes to watch bouncing balls roll down from it.


Puzzles are a fun acitvity to do with your kid. I have seen my daughter learn to problem solve with these. She struggled at first to know where each peice goes, but I've enjoyed watching her problem solve at such a young age.

Preschool Prep

There is a free version of these on youtube, but the dvds are great for long road trips if you have a dvd player in the car. I am honestly amazed by how quickly my daughter has learned through these videos. I also love that she loves them 😀.


I have to admit that I actually enjoy playing with blocks with my daughter 😊. We make "tall tall towers", as she likes to call them, and make little "houses" for her stuffed animals. We got this particular bag of blocks + another used set, so we have a lot to work with 😀 .




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